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Acadia University

Acadia University is one of the oldest, a public liberal Arts University, situated in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. The most interesting fact about the location is that it is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and English is the official language at Nova Scotia. Secondly, the weather in Nova Scotia is moderate and has all the four distinct seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Talking about the university, it is ranked number# 01 for its Undergraduate programs. Acadia University offers a wide range of Undergraduate programs and about 80% of the programs offer co-op.  Some of our most popular majors are in biology, marketing, English, psychology, environmental studies, and kinesiology. It offers the following courses:

Applied Science ( BASc, CAS):

The program incorporates design, analysis and project management. By studying this program, you’ll gain knowledge about topics like Physics, Maths and Chemistry with some engineering courses that’ll help you to gain practical knowledge about the field.

Biology (BSc):

This program will give you a deep insight of whole-organism biology. It also provides hands-on learning that integrates theory, techniques and practical approaches to biology.

Business Administration (BBA):

Through this co-op program you can work closely with the professors, and choose a particular major either in accounting, business technology management, employment relations, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance and marketing.

Chemistry (BSc):

Acadia’s program BSc in Chemistry is also a co-op program. This program will lead to a number of career opportunities as: Analytical chemist, Biochemist, Bio-technologist, Chemical engineer, Chemistry instructor, Clinical chemist, Cosmetic chemist, Dentist, Environmental chemist, Food chemist.

Classical Studies (BA):

This program provides you with the opportunity to explore ancient civilizations that shaped our world and had a great influence on our lifestyles. By studying this program, you can be a successful Archivist, Civil servant, Historian, Journalist etc.

Community Development (BA):

By studying Community Development program, you’ll gain skills needed to improve quality of life for others. It will also provide you with the flexibility to specialize in either: recreation management, community wellness, social activism, and outdoor and adventure education.

Computer Science (BCS, BSc):

It is a co-op program that has high placement rates from companies across Canada. It will allow you to work at leading software companies during your educational journey where you can put your education into practice.

Economics ( BA, BSc):

Here you’ll study courses like Microeconomics principles, Macroeconomic principles, Calculus, critical reading and writing etc which will prepare you for jobs in banking, provincial, federal and municipal government and consulting.

Education (BEd):

This program is offered as a 16 month consecutive program and a two year format as well. It will also give you a chance to have 20 weeks of supervised field experience.

Engineering (BASc, CAS):

This co-op program will enable you to choose a particular discipline according to your interest. The disciplines are:Chemical, Civil, Computer/Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Materials, Mechanical, Mineral etc.

English (BA):

The program will introduce you to a variety of novels, poems and essays by famous writers which will enable you to cover a range of periods, authors, genres, cultures, and critical approaches. Surprisingly, it also provides co-op opportunities.

Environmental & Sustainability Studies (BA, BCD):

This co-op program will enable you to develop a problem solving approach to understand and solve sustainability issues in our society.

Environmental Geo-sciences (BSc):

Acadia’s Environmental Geo-sciences program will help you in achieving a registration as a professional environmental geo-scientist and learn from courses like geochemistry, geophysics, hydro-geology, and environmental science while take benefit of the co-op opportunity as well.

 Environmental Science (BSc):

In this co-op program, you can study courses like biology, earth science and chemistry and choose a major from one of the following disciplines: ecology, conservation biology, environmental geo-science, environmental policy and sustainable development.

French (BA):

The French program offers you a broad range of courses covering language, culture, and translation and also opens a wide range of career opportunities both in Canada as well as abroad.

Geology (BSc):

This program is a concoction of field and course work and will open doors of success by becoming either an Exploration geologist, Petroleum geologist, Hydro-geologist, Geo-chemist or a Geophysicist etc.

German (BA):

In the German program, you’ll become familiar with the German language, grammatical practices, literature, and culture and pursue your career in Arts and culture, Diplomacy, Health, International business, International relations or Journalism as well.

History (BA):

This co-op program will teach you about the history and all the historical events that took place in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Moreover, it will give you an insight of some specialized subjects such as war, revolutions, material culture, gender, science, and the environment.

Kinesiology (BKIN):

This program is accredited by the Canadian Council of University Physical Education and Kinesiology Administrators (CCUPEKA) and provides opportunities for students to achieve the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) certifications – Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP-CPT) and Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP) – as well as the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification.

Mathematics & Statistics (BSc, BA):

It will provide you with the tools that are essential in understanding and solving problems related to Science, business and humanities. You’ll also be able to take benefit from the co-op opportunity that this program offers.

Mathematics Education (Integrated BSc and BEd):

This is a five year program designed for students you wish to pursue their careers as an Adult educator, Assessment developer/consultant, Corporate trainer, Curriculum developer or Education administrator.


This program will give you a deep understanding of courses like music theory, music history and culture, musicianship skills, keyboard skills, improvisation, composition, intensive ensembles, and get a chance to learn one-on-one music lessons with professional teachers.

Nutrition and Dietetics (BSN):

A wide range of courses such as biology, chemistry, statistics, communications, psychology, and nutrition education will be taught to the graduates in this program so that the graduates can work for the well being of the society in their future.

Philosophy (BA):

Acadia’s Philosophy program will help you to understand the meaning of life, the nature of the world and the basis of morality.

Physics (BSc):

This co-op program will help you in acquiring knowledge about new technology and after the first year of their study, they’re provided with paid student positions as help centre tutors and lab assistants.

Politics (BA):

This program will increase your awareness about contemporary issues including peace and war, environment development and media.

Psychology ( BSc, BA):

This is also a co-op based program that offers a Neuroscience option as a major for the individuals who have interest in gaining deep knowledge about the human nervous system.

Sociology (BA):

This co-op Sociology program taught at Acadia University covers topics such as anthropology, criminology and deviance, cultural studies, education, issues in families, gender and feminism, health and health care, political economy, race and ethnic relations, research and methodology, social movements, social theory, societal development, and work. This allows a student to understand about the society in detail.

Spanish (BA):

Spanish, being the third most commonly spoken language in the world, will help you in developing stronger communication and critical thinking skills which is useful in a wide variety of professions.

Theatre (BA):

This program will provide you with all the details that you need to have regarding acting, movement, voice, theatre history, and dramatic literature. It also provides its graduates with the opportunity to perform or to work backstage in the productions of the Acadia Theatre Company.

Women’s & Gender Studies (BA):

This co-op program will provide you with a broad knowledge and understanding about the importance of gender and will provide critical analysis skills in areas such as scholarly activity, education, social relationships, cultural expression, and politics.

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