Get Admission in Camosun College, Canada by EdFolio International Education Counselors

EdFolio International Education Consultant and Counselors congratulates Shaikh Muhammad Sadiq Seghal for getting admission in Camosun College, Canada. EdFolio secured his admission in Diploma in Business Administration at Camosun College, Canada. Complete profile of the student is below:

Get Admission in Camosun College, Canada by EdFolio

Name: Shaikh Muhammad Sadiq Seghal

Last Qualification: Intermediate

Grades: 54.81%

IELTS: 6.0

Institute: Camosun College, Canada

Course: Diploma in Business Administration

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What Are The Basic Requirements To Get Admission In Canada?
To get admission in Canada, one has to attain good score in previous qualification and also have to achieve good bands in IELTS. EdFolio provides students with such opportunities in top ranking universities that they do not require any GRE/GMAT and even IELTS in some institutes. Any student who is willing to go to Canada for their education can avail the opportunities provided by EdFolio International Education Counselors and can get admission without GRE/GMAT or any other additional test.

SDS Policy For Canadian Visa

Any student who is wiling to study in Canadian must know about its visa policy. There are 2 possibilities for International students, one is the old policy which requires bank statement and the other policy is SDS, in which student doesn’t require any bank statement.