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UK has been open heartedly welcoming international students to study abroad in its universities and colleges for decades. Every year, more and more international students from all around the world are choosing to study higher education in a UK university or college. Below we outline some of the reasons why students decide to study in UK.

Variety of Courses

Higher education institutes in UK allow you to choose a variety of range of courses. You can search over 50,000 courses to find the one you need.

Marvelous International Reputation

The quality of UK education is internationally renowned by the world, making it a popular choice for many international students. UK is well-known for the quality of its research and teaching, that’s why international students from all around the world chose to study in UK.

Excellent quality of Education

The value of teaching and general facilities is assessed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). Research standards are checked by the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), almost all of the UK universities and colleges score great points in both of them.

International Custom

UK has always welcomed students from all around the world. Every year the quantity of International Students in UK is growing at a rapid pace.

Trade Language

Studying in UK offers a great opportunity to improve your knowledge of the English language – speaking English fluently is a vital skill to have if you are considering entering the international business world. As UK is a member of EU, studying in UK can give you a valuable insight to how the European market operates.

Civilization and People

UK is full of different cultures and people, another reason why international students are interested for studying in UK. 

Cost and Expenses

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in UK are normally much shorter than those abroad, which help to trim down the amount of money you will end up paying as tuition fees and living cost. Most undergraduate courses take three years to complete, even if in Scotland it would be classically four years. Postgraduate Course normally takes 1 year, while PhD takes 3 or 4 years.