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Trent University is a public university with two beautiful campuses one in Peterborough and the other in Durham, Ontario established in 1964. You will find an intellectual atmosphere at Trent University that will challenge and inspire you. As well as easily accessible professors, a diverse student life, and much more. After graduating from University , you can find success in the profession of your choice. At Trent you will receive valuable real-world experience by working side-by-side with leading faculty on research studies on campus, and around the world through creative learning and hands-on research.

Trent University offers students the ability to choose a degree that is tailored to their interest. In order to discover true passion, students at the University are encouraged to explore several different opportunities and open themselves up to the possibility of all disciplines.

Get admission in Trent University, Canada from Pakistan

Undergraduate Programs At Trent University

With all the advantages of high-quality study and excellent teaching within a personal, close-knit culture, Trent provides a unique variety of academically challenging programs throughout the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. No doubt Trent is named number 1 undergraduate University in Ontario. Trent University offers following Bachelors programs:

Arts and Science At Trent University

The Faculty of Arts & Science of Trent is a welcoming community of committed students, scholars and industry experts whose study constantly stretches the limits of what is achievable. The Faculty of Arts & Science is the ideal location for you to embark on a career-building journey of self-expression, development and accomplishment as a platform for creative thinking and hands-on training. Following are the programs offered by Arts and Science faculty:

  • Philosophy
  • Political Studies
  • Psychology
  • Arts, Honours
  • International Political Economy
  • Kinesiology
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Forensics & Arts
  • French Studies
  • Gender & Women’s Studies
  • Specialization in Integrated Arts
  • Specialization in Literature & Narrative
  • Specialization in Film & Media
  • Specialization in Culture & Theory
  • Canadian Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Ancient Greek & Roman Studies
  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Bachelor of Arts & Science

Business At Trent University

Trent invites you to come and be a part of one of the largest and fastest growing schools on campus. You can connect with our dedicated student body, and learn from teachers who are very proud of our student-centered approach to business education and offers personalized, high-caliber learning. Awaiting uncompromising academic excellence, critical experiential learning, and unlimited choices. Following are the Business programs offered at Trent University:

  • Financial Analytics
  • Business Administration
  • Business & Arts
  • Business & Science
  • International Development Studies

Technology At Trent University

Students who are interested in the field of technology will learn to build and use computing and information systems. From a broader systems perspective, you learn to see things and to develop integrated solutions that meet the needs of your users. And you learn to understand digital systems’ far-reaching cultural, ethical, and legal effects. Following are the courses that you can choose from Technology at Trent University:

  • Information Systems
  • Computing Systems & Physics
  • Computing Systems (Co-op)

Science At Trent University

You will acquire the expertise and training you need when you study science at Trent to tackle the global problems that are faced in the 21st century. Reducing the effects of climate change, creating life-saving medicines, solving crimes, discovering new territories in space, all of which can be accomplished with a scientific knowledge base. Follow your passion and discover where your interest lies. Following are the list of programs being offered:

  • Science, Honours
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
  • Water Science
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Forensics & Science
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical Physics
  • Chemistry

Medical At Trent University

Due to the dedication of the faculty to teaching and mentoring undergraduates. At Trent students experience the immersive hands-on learning environment in smaller class sizes. Internships and useful real-world experience in contexts associated with health care. Also in the first year of medicine studies, students gain laboratory experience. Following are the programs:

  • Nursing
  • Forensic Biology
  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Ecological Restoration

Health and Human Services At Trent University

The University always focuses on Health and Human Services. Here at Trent, several programs are offered under this faculty:

  • Conservation Biology (Co-op)
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Biology
  • Biomedical Science

Environment At Trent University

Canada has a high demand of Environmental studies and students have many opportunities in the field of Environment in Canada. Trent offers variety of courses related to Environmental studies:

  • Indigenous Environmental Science / Studies
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Geoscience
  • Environmental & Resource Science / Studies
  • Environmental Science / Studies (B.E.S.S.)
  • Geography

Social Work At Trent University

Trent offers programs related to Social work since it is a mandatory part of society. Following programs are offered at Trent University related to social work:

  • Social Work
  • Sociology

Law At Trent University

Trent University offers Law with dual degree programs. Following Law programs are offered at Trent University:

  • Pre-Law Pathways
  • Law & Business: Trent/Swansea Dual Degree
  • Law & Arts: Trent/Swansea Dual Degree

Other Bachelor Programs:

Trent University also provides bachelor programs in Education, Business and other fields, such as:

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Indigenous Bachelor of Education
  • Teacher Education Stream
  • B.A/B.A. (Honours)
  • B.Sc/B.Sc (Honours)
  • Media Studies At Trent University
  • English At Trent University


Trent offers two professional postgraduate certificates, in addition to the several degree options for undergraduates, intended for students who have already earned an undergraduate degree in another discipline and would like to enhance it with a business specialization.

At both Peterborough and Durham campuses, Trent’s certificate programs are available. Join full- or part-time, and in as little as two semesters, complete either program.

Arts and Science At Trent University

  • Master of Arts in Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies (Course & Thesis Based)
  • Master of Arts in Cultural Studies (Course & Thesis Based)
  • Master of Arts in History (Course & Thesis Based)
  • Master of Arts in Sustainability Studies (Course & Thesis Based)
  • Master of Arts in Anthropology (Thesis Based)
  • Master of Arts in Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods (Thesis Based)

Business At Trent University

  • Marketing & Entrepreneurship (Post-Graduate Certificate)
  • Human Resources Management (Post-Graduate Certificate)
  • Masters of Management (Course Based)
  • MSc Data Analytics/Financial Analysis (Course Based)

Health and Human Services At Trent University

  • Mental Health & Addictions Nursing

Science At Trent University

  • Master of Instrumental Chemical Analysis (Course Based & PGD)
  • Master of Science in Forensic Science (Course Based)
  • Master of Science in Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods (Thesis Based)
  • Master of Science in Materials Science (Thesis Based)
  • Master of Science in Psychology (Thesis Based)

Environment At Trent University

  • Master of Bioenvironmental Monitoring & Assessment. (Course & Thesis Based)
  • Master of Science in Environmental & Life Sciences (Thesis Based)

English At Trent University

  • Master of Arts in English (Public Texts) (Course & Thesis Based)

Education At Trent University

  • Master of Education in Educational Studies (Course & Thesis Based)

Trent University offers 3 intakes per year that is January, April and September.

Admission Requirements And Deadlines For Trent University

Entry requirements vary from program to program. EdFolio International Education Counselors is the official representative of Trent University in Pakistan. If you are looking for a program specific requirement, you can contact EdFolio for detailed requirements. Deadlines of the programs are usually 5 months prior to the intake.

Student Direct Stream (SDS) Visa Requirements For Canada

For detailed Visa requirements under SDS Policy, you can check “SDS Visa requirements for Pakistani Students“.

EdFolio International Education Counselors is proud to be the Official Representative of Trent University, Canada in Pakistan. Any student who is willing to get admission and study in Trent University can contact EdFolio to get the complete information on Admission Deadlines, Admission Requirements and Fee Structure of the University. EdFolio will assist the student from getting Admission in Trent University to securing a Canadian Study Visa.