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University of Jena was established in 1558 and is counted among the ten oldest Universities in Germany. It is affiliated with six Nobel Prize winners, most recently in 2000 when Jena graduate Herbert Kroemer won the Nobel Prize for Physics. It was renamed after the poet Friedrich Schiller who was teaching as professor of philosophy when Jena attracted some of the most influential minds at the turn of the 19th century. With Karl Leonhard ReinholdJohann Gottlieb FichteG. W. F. HegelF. W. J. Schelling and Friedrich von Schlegel on its teaching staff, the University has been at the center of the emergence of German idealism and early Romanticism.

Students of either the university or the University of Applied Sciences make one quarter of the inhabitants of Jena. So, it is all right to say: There is no university in Jena, Jena is a university! Approximately 340 professors and 6,400 members of staff work at university and university hospital, the latter of which keeps developing into one of the most modern hospitals in Germany.

University of Jena offers a variety of courses at both March and September intake, some of those programs are provided below.

Under Graduate Courses

Biology Bachelors of Science (B.Sc)

(Intake: Winter & Summer)


Computer science (B.Sc)

(Intake: Winter & Summer)

Post Graduate Courses

English American (M.A)

(Intake: Winter & Summer)


Business Administration (M.Sc)

(Intake: Winter & Summer)


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