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University of Waterloo is number #01 comprehensive research university for 12 consecutive years. This renowned public university is located in the heart of Canada’s Technology hub in Waterloo, Ontario. By studying in UWaterloo, students get a chance to gain experience with the employers of Google, Facebook and Amazon etc. The university provides you with more than 100 undergraduate programs, not confining the students to study specific disciplines. Other than that, the university also offers excellent master’s degree programs as well.

Following are few programs offered at the University of Waterloo:

Arts Programs At University Of Waterloo

  • Accounting & Financial Management:

Students studying this program will gain expertise in two major areas i.e Accounting and Financial management as the name indicates. The topics covered under this program are: business analytics, finance, investment management and accounting etc.

  • Global Business & Digital Arts:

This program helps you to build a strong understanding of topics such as Globalization, Business ethics, creative design, economics and marketing. Graduates also have the opportunity to gain experience with paid internships after third year.

  • Honours Arts:

This program helps students to create a strong foundation about topics such as humanities, social sciences, fine and performing arts, languages and cultures. Moreover, the students can choose from 23 different majors after they successfully complete the first year of their degree.

  • Honours Arts & Business:

It is a unique program in which students are provided with the facility to choose from 23 different Art majors where their interest lies upon and then top it up with a business major like accounting, marketing, management etc. By studying this specific program students can develop skills required in professional life.

  • Social Development Studies:

By studying courses such as psychology, sociology, and social work as well as hands-on community engagement opportunities, you’ll be well prepared for a meaningful career in social work, counselling, education, public services, human resources, law, or community and international service organizations.

Business Programs At University Of Waterloo

  • Mathematics/Business Administration:

Students enrolled in this program will study their Mathematics courses from Waterloo’s Faculty of Mathematics and business courses from School of Business and Economics at Wilfred Laurier University. In addition to this, graduates also gain the golden opportunity of 20 months paid work experience through the co-op program.

  • Mathematics/Financial Analysis & Risk Management

Whether the students choose to specialize in Chartered Financial Analyst or Professional Risk Management, they’ll study topics like mathematics, finance, accounting, and economics which will prepare them for a career in banking, investment management, or risk management. This program also has co-op opportunities.

  • Mathematics/Chartered Professional Accountancy

This program is specially designed for students who love to study mathematics and find accounting enticing as well. It provides a perfect foundation for a career as management accountant or chartered accounting plus provides in depth knowledge of mathematics.

Engineering & Technology Programs At University Of Waterloo

  • Computing and Financial Management:

This program will help you to acquire skills required in developing and maintaining financial softwares.

  • Computer Science:

University of Waterloo is considered the best institute for Computer Science as it teaches you the courses that perfectly shapes your career the way you want it.

  • Geological Engineering:

A wide range of courses are taught in this program which include Environmental and Geological Engineering Concepts, Electrical Circuits and Instrumentation, Physical Hydrogeology etc. This will train the students to acquire a strong background in geosciences.

  • Nanotechnology Engineering:

University of Waterloo is the only university in Canada which provides a program in Nanotechnology at undergraduate level so that students can use principles from biology, chemistry, electronics, and quantum physics to create materials and machines far too small to see with the naked eye.

  • Systems Design Engineering:

The program will give you a chance to examine the people, materials, tools, software, and other factors involved in any engineering problem. Look at the system as a whole and assess how one change will affect another element, using a variety of modelling, analysis, and design methods.

  • Electrical Engineering:

Waterloo’s Electrical Engineering program is ranked in the top 75 internationally by Shanghai World University Ranking 2020. When you graduate, you’ll have numerous career paths to choose.

  • Software Engineering:

A program like this will teach you how to analyze software architecture, apply algorithms, understand digital hardware systems, and design human/ computer interfaces.

  • Biomedical Engineering:

You can study topics like biomechanics, physics, chemistry, and design and use your engineering knowledge to develop better ways to diagnose illnesses, treat health problems, and enhance health.

  • Chemical Engineering:

UWaterloo’s Chemical Engineering co-op inclusive program helps you to learn the systems analysis skills to design, implement, and manage processes from start to finish.

  • Civil Engineering:

This is a highly flexible degree that allows you to choose from a variety of technical electives in structural, transportation, geotechnical, and water/environmental engineering.

  • Mechanical Engineering:

The program gives you a deep insight into topics like mechanics, power, control, and manufacturing and provides you with skills that you need to design almost everything.

  • Mechatronics Engineering:

Waterloo’s Mechatronics Engineering is one of its kind and one of the top in the world, ranked by Shanghai World University Rankings 2020.

Science Programs At University Of Waterloo

  • Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accountancy:

This program gives you expertise in both Biotechnology and Chartered Accountancy. This is a very unique program that you can choose a career that you wish to pursue in either fields: accounting, biotech business development, financial analysis, and more.

  • Biotechnology/Economics:

It is another degree of Waterloo which is one-of- its kind. This program gives the knowledge of both Biotech sciences and economics, business, and finance.

  • Honours Science:

Students will be taught a range of courses like chemistry, biology, physics, earth sciences, and more which makes you eligible for professional programs like medicine, dentistry, optometry and more.

  • Physical Sciences:

Under this program, the students can choose one of these electives and pursue their careers in their respective choices: Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Life Physics, Materials and Nano sciences, Physics, Physics and Astronomy, Mathematical Physics and medicine.

  • Life Sciences:

At Waterloo, Life Sciences is a group of related majors such as Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, and Psychology. On completion of this program, you’ll be well prepared for careers in science or for further education in specialized graduate programs, medicine, optometry, pharmacy or other health professions.

  • Science & Business:

This program is a concoction of Science and Business courses such as biology, chemistry, and physics with courses in economics, accounting, marketing, law, and entrepreneurship.

  • Science & Aviation:

This unique program provides you with a golden opportunity to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Science and get your commercial Pilot license as well. In this program you’ll study all about cartography, climatology, geographic information systems, aerodynamics, and remote sensing.

Environment Studies At University Of Waterloo

  • Environment and Business:

This program is a mix of Environment and Business, combined into one which covers topics such as finance and field ecology, entrepreneurship and environmental ethics etc. In Fact, this is the only program of its kind in North America.

  • Environment, Resources and Sustainability:

This specific program will allow you to include 30 different minors to your degree and will prepare you for a number of fields from green technology to ecological consulting to environmental law.

  • Geography and Aviation:

Waterloo’s Department of Geography and Aviation is one of the country’s top ranked departments, where you can gain a deep understanding of landforms, weather patterns, and the computer technology behind tools such as geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing.

  • Geomatics:

Once you graduate from Geomatics, which is ranked in the top 100 internationally for it’s remote sensing courses (Shanghai World University Rankings 2020), you’ll find no end of opportunities to put your skills to work.

  • Knowledge Integration:

This program is a mix of Arts and Science subjects. It will help you to understand and solve complex problems, communicate effectively, and make a difference in a complex and changing world.

  • International Development Degree:

The topics covered under this program will give you lots of tools to put in your toolkit, including business skills, problem solving, cultural understanding, economic development, social accounting, and more.

  • Planning:

This multidisciplinary program covers everything from economic and legal issues to design skills, land development, and GIS technology.

  • Environmental Science:

This program provides a strong foundation in Science and geography by teaching you courses like math, ecology, microbiology, hydrology etc. The graduates will be given routes to choose from. They can either opt for a Geoscience route or specialize in Water Science.

Application Deadlines And Fee Structure For International Students At University Of Waterloo

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