George Brown College

George Brown College is a public college located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1967, it offers a diverse range of programs in fields such as business, culinary arts, hospitality, health sciences, community services, design, technology, and construction trades. The college is known for its innovative curriculum, industry connections, and experiential learning opportunities, which prepare students for successful careers in their chosen fields.

George Brown College has three main campuses: St. James Campus, Casa Loma Campus, and Waterfront Campus, each offering specialized programs and state-of-the-art facilities. The college also has partnerships with industry organizations and employers, providing students with valuable internship, co-op, and placement opportunities to gain practical experience and build professional networks.

With its central location in downtown Toronto and commitment to providing high-quality education, George Brown College attracts students from diverse backgrounds and plays a vital role in training the workforce and contributing to the economic and social vibrancy of the Greater Toronto Area.

Blockchain Development (T475)
Computer Programming and Analysis (T177)
Computer Systems Technician (T141)
Computer Systems Technology (T147)
Game – Programming (T163)
Art and Design Foundation (G108)
Game – Art (G119)
Graphic Design (G102)
Honours Bachelor of Brand Design (G304)
Honours Bachelor of Digital Experience Design Year 3 Bridge (G302)
Interaction Design (G113)
Fashion Business Industry (F112)
Fashion Management (F102)
Fashion Techniques and Design (F113)
Gemmology (F105)
Jewellery Arts (F114)
Jewellery Essentials (F111)
Jewellery Methods (F110)
Acting for Media (P107)
Commercial Dance (P106)
Dance Performance (P105)
Dance Performance Preparation (P101)
Media Foundation
Theatre Arts – Performance (P104)
Theatre Arts-Preparation (P108)
Video Design & Production (P112)
Business Administration – Accounting (B107)
Business Administration – Accounting (with work experience) (B157)
Business Administration – Finance (B130)
Business Administration – Finance (with work experience) (B150)
Business – Accounting (B103)
Business – Finance (B133)
Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Services) (B302)
Business Administration – Human Resources (B144)
Business Administration – Human Resources (with work experience) (B154)
Business – Human Resources (B134)
Business (B125)
Business Administration (B145)
Business Administration (with work experience) (B155)
Business Administration – International Business (B131)
Business Administration – International Business (with work experience) (B161)
Business Administration – Project Management (B126)
Business Administration – Project Management (with work experience) (B156)
Business Administration – Supply Chain and Operations Management (B122)
Business Administration – Supply Chain and Operations Management (with work experience) (B162)
Entrepreneurship Management (Postgraduate) (B416)
Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics) (B303)
Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Supply Chain Management) (B310)
Business Administration – Marketing (B108)
Business Administration – Marketing (with work experience) (B158)
Business – Marketing (B120)
Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Digital Marketing) (B312)
American Sign Language and Deaf Studies (C114)
Deafblind & Intervenor Studies (C158)
Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (American Sign Language – English) (C302)
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education – Honours (Degree Completion) (C305)
Early Childhood Education (C100)
Early Childhood Education (Consecutive Diploma/Degree) (C118)
Early Childhood Education (Fast-Track) (C130)
Early Childhood Education (Consecutive Diploma/GBC Degree) (C148)
Early Childhood Education (Accelerated) (C160)
Assaulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/ Advocate (C147)
Assaulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/Advocate (AWCCA) (C137)
Child and Youth Care (C133)
Child and Youth Care (Accelerated) (C153)
Community Worker (C101)
Community Worker (Accelerated) (C131)
Social Service Worker (C119)
Social Service Worker (Accelerated) (C135)
Civil Engineering Technology (T164)
Engineering Construction Engineering Technician (T161)
Construction Engineering Technology (T105)
Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) (T312)
Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) (Bridging) (T314)
Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) (Bridging) (T316)
Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) (Bridging) (T317)
Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) (Bridging) (T318)
Building Renovation Technology (T148)
Carpentry and Renovation Technician (T180)
Construction Techniques (T176)
Electrical Techniques (T167)
Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Technician (T160)
Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Technology (T162)
Plumbing Techniques (T165)
Welding Techniques (T166)
Architectural Technician (T132)
Architectural Technology (T109)
Interior Design (T178)
Advanced Manufacturing (T414)
Electromechanical Engineering Technician (T146)
Electromechanical Engineering Technology - Power and Control (T182)
Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design (T121)
Mechanical Technician – CNC and Precision Machining (T173)
Dental Assisting (Levels I and II) (S113)
Dental Technology (S100)
Denturism (S101)
Autism and Behavioural Science (Postgraduate) (C405)
Behavioural Science Technician (C146)
Behavioural Science Technician (Accelerated) (C156)
Hearing Instrument Specialist (S117)
Honours Bachelor of Behaviour Analysis (S302)
Dental Office Administration (S115)
Health Information Management (C139)
Office Administration – Health Services (S135)
Event Planning (H141)
Food and Beverage Management – Restaurant Management (H132)
Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) (Fast-Track) (H312)
Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) (H311)
Hospitality Services (H101)
Hospitality – Hotel Operations Management (H133)
Tourism and Hospitality Management (H130)
General Arts and Science (Diploma) (R101)
General Arts and Science – One-Year (Certificate) (R104)
Human Service Foundations
Pre- business
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees (A108)
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates and Diplomas (A109)
Applied A.I. Solutions Development (Postgraduate) (T431)
Cloud Computing Technologies (Postgraduate) (T465)
Cyber Security (Postgraduate) (T433)
Health Informatics (Postgraduate) (T402)
Information Systems Business Analysis (with experiential learning capstone) (Postgraduate) (T405)
Mobile Application Development and Strategy (Postgraduate) (T440)
Wireless Networking (Postgraduate) (T411)
Concept Art for Entertainment (Postgraduate) (G407)
Design Management (Postgraduate) (G401)
Digital Design – Game Design (Postgraduate) (G405)
Interactive Media Management (Postgraduate) (G412)
Interdisciplinary Design Strategy (Postgraduate) at the Brookfield Sustainability Institute (G414)
Web Development – Front-End Design (Postgraduate) (G418)
International Fashion Management (Postgraduate Certificate) (F412)
Screenwriting & Narrative Design (Postgraduate) (P400)
Sound Design & Production (Postgraduate) (P409)
Visual Effects (Postgraduate) (P408)
Financial Planning (Postgraduate) (B407)
Human Resources Management (Postgraduate) (B408)
Analytics for Business Decision Making (Postgraduate) (B412)
International Business Management (Postgraduate) (B411)
Project Management (Postgraduate) (B415)
Supply Chain Management (Postgraduate) (B429)
Marketing Management – Digital Media (Postgraduate) (B433)
Marketing Management – Financial Services (Postgraduate) (B406)
Sport and Event Marketing (Postgraduate) (B400)
Strategic Relationship Marketing (Postgraduate) (B409)
Career Development Practitioner (Postgraduate) (C406)
Building Information Modeling Management (BIM) (Postgraduate) (T412)
Construction Management (for Internationally Educated Professionals) (Postgraduate) (T403)
Advanced Wine and Beverage Business Management (Postgraduate) (H414)
Food Tourism Entrepreneurship (Postgraduate) (H417)

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Programs Requirements:
  • Minimum overall of 50% in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and in Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC).English: 50% or Higher in (SSC) and in (HSSC)
  • IELTS: overall score of 6.5, no band less than 6.0.
Note: Requirements may vary for different programs.

Graduate Programs Requirements:

  • 1st and 2nd class degree results required. Degree results must be 50% or higher.
  • IELTS: overall score of 6.5, no band less than 6.0.

Note: Requirements may vary for different programs.


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