University of Pacific

The University of the Pacific (UOP) is a private university with its main campus in Stockton, California. It is the oldest chartered university in California, established in 1851. UOP is known for its comprehensive academic programs, vibrant campus life, and strong emphasis on student success and community engagement. Here are some key points about the University of the Pacific:

Academic Programs

  • Schools and Colleges: UOP comprises multiple schools, including the College of the Pacific (liberal arts and sciences), Eberhardt School of Business, Conservatory of Music, Benerd College (education), School of Engineering and Computer Science, Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, and McGeorge School of Law.
  • Programs: The university offers over 80 undergraduate majors and more than 30 graduate and professional programs. Notable programs include those in business, law, health sciences, and music.
  • Honors Program: UOP has an honors program designed for academically talented students, offering enhanced academic challenges and opportunities.

Campus and Facilities

  • Location: The main campus is in Stockton, California, with additional campuses in Sacramento and San Francisco. Stockton offers a diverse cultural scene and numerous outdoor activities.
  • Facilities: The Stockton campus features historic and modern buildings, state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries, and performance spaces. The DeRosa University Center and the Health Sciences Learning Center are notable facilities.

Student Life

  • Enrollment: UOP has a diverse student body with students from across the United States and numerous countries.
  • Student Organizations: There are over 150 student organizations, including academic clubs, cultural groups, service organizations, and Greek life.
  • Athletics: The Pacific Tigers compete in NCAA Division I as part of the West Coast Conference. Popular sports include basketball, soccer, water polo, and volleyball.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Scholarships: UOP offers various scholarships, including merit-based, need-based, and program-specific awards.
  • Financial Aid: The university provides comprehensive financial aid packages, including grants, loans, and work-study opportunities, to assist students in managing their educational expenses.

Community and Culture

  • Community Engagement: UOP emphasizes community service and engagement through programs like Beyond Our Gates, which focuses on improving education and quality of life in the Stockton area.
  • Events: The university hosts numerous cultural, academic, and social events throughout the year, such as lectures, performances, and festivals, contributing to a dynamic campus environment.

Notable Achievements

  • Research: UOP is involved in significant research activities, particularly in the fields of health sciences, engineering, and law.
  • Alumni: The university has a network of accomplished alumni who have made notable contributions in various fields, including business, law, healthcare, and the arts.

The University of the Pacific provides a rich educational experience with a strong commitment to academic excellence, community involvement, and student development. Its diverse programs, supportive community, and beautiful campuses make it a compelling choice for students seeking a well-rounded higher education.

Master of Science in Data Science (STEM) (32) (Stockton)
Engineering Management (30) (Stockton)
Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (30) (Stockton)
Mechanical Engineering (30) (Stockton)
Civil Engineering (30) (Stockton)
MSBA (31) Stockton
MS Computer Science (30) Stockton
MS Finance (31) Stockton
Master of Accounting (30) (Stockton)

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