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Streamlined Canada Student Visa for Pakistani Students – Get It in 20 Days with SDS

Good news for Pakistani students aspiring to study in Canada! Canada has included Pakistan in its Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program, making it easier to obtain a Canadian student visa. The SDS program offers a streamlined application process, reducing the wait time to just 20 days.

Canada’s reputation as a premier destination for high-quality international education is further strengthened through swift and reliable visa processing.

The SDS program is now accessible to study permit applicants residing in Pakistan. To qualify, prospective students are required to provide comprehensive information upfront, including meeting language proficiency requirements in English or French and demonstrating their ability to finance their education. This additional information enables immigration officers to process applications more efficiently.

The Student Direct Stream was introduced in 2018, initially catering to study permit applicants from countries like China, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam. In these countries, the majority of SDS applications are processed in under three weeks.

The expansion of the SDS program aligns with the Canadian government’s objective to attract a diverse range of international students.

What’s more, international students graduating from Canadian programs often become eligible for post-graduation work permits. With a Canadian education and valuable work experience, former international students are well-positioned to pursue permanent residence in Canada through pathways like Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program, or the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

In 2018, a record number of nearly 54,000 former students successfully transitioned to permanent residence in Canada.

Key Requirements for Pakistani Students in the Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program

Essential Requirements for Applying to the Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program from Pakistan

1. Language Proficiency Requirements for SDS Program

Students are required to demonstrate their language proficiency by submitting an IELTS score of at least 6 overall, with a minimum score of 6 in each module.

2. Understanding the Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) Requirement for SDS Program

Students are required to furnish a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of 10,000 CAD. Learn more about this requirement Read More About GIC

3. Understanding Tuition Fees for the SDS Program

As part of the SDS program’s requirements, students must pay the tuition fee for their first year of study to the Canadian university in advance.

These requirements are the fundamental prerequisites for Pakistani students interested in applying for the SDS program. Fulfilling these criteria not only expedites the application process but also opens doors to quality education and the opportunity to explore Canada.

Bringing Your Spouse, Partner, and Children to Canada: Immigration Options

For your spouse Read This or common-law partner Read This and dependent children Read This can benefit from expedited processing for:

1. Visitor Visa

2. Work Permit

3. Study Permit

For faster processing, ensure that you complete and submit their applications simultaneously with your own. When applying online, indicate that your family members will be accompanying you to Canada. This approach allows you to streamline their applications alongside yours.